Glen Ford

ML product management leader

Glen Ford

Machine learning product management leader

I write occasionally. I do it for self-expression, but also in the hope that someone will find it useful. Here is some of what I've done. Enjoy!


electronic diagram

What a product manager needs to know about:

Conjoint, Maxdiff, and AHP

in 10 minutes

A software product manager can borrow these research techniques from the consumer packaged goods world. Show me

Austin Voice of Product

"Find a mentor"

Austin Voice of Product

I appeared in Reza Shirazi's Austin VOP interview series (Feb 2018).
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a truly delicious cookie

Just for fun:

On cooked cookies

A product manager with a sweet tooth writes about caramelization and the Maillard reaction. Sweet!

Coming soon(ish)

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What a product manager needs to know about:

Machine Learning

in 10 minutes

Coming soon: an entire course in machine learning a brief primer on the vocabulary of machine learning, and how to adjust expectations when managing an ML product. Bookmark it


Would you like some more? Visit my somewhat aging blog (but don't say I didn't warn you).

About me

I lead product teams to adopt AI through deep learning and other types of machine learning.


I've built and commercialized ML-enabled products since 2016, including embedded computer vision & NLP.


Since 2011, I've grown and calmly led superb product management teams through turbulent startup lifecycles.


Since 2004, I've worked in enterprise-class B2B, working directly with massive brands, including 20 of the Fortune 500.


I've spent more than 20 years creating web applications, from layout specialist to full-stack programmer to product manager.

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In the 5+ years that we worked together, I was privileged to witness Glen's awesome ascent through engineering and product. Wicked smart, funny, collaborative and driven, Glen made a big impact on our organization in numerous ways.
Steve Semelsberger
Glen was my first boss in a product management position, and to say I wouldn't be where I am today without him would be an understatement. He excelled at imparting his knowledge on those around him and then empowering them to do their job so that they could grow and flourish.
Alania Cater
His ability to listen to feedback, and communicate ideas with humor and humility, was inspiring and I'm so thankful for having had the opportunity to learn as much as I did from him in our 4 years working together.
Erin Hanson
Over our 7 years of working together, I was able to watch his leadership skills and work ethic first hand. Glen is an in-the-trenches Product-guy, he is passionate and pours his blood/sweat/tears into his team and solutions.
Laura Cowan
Glen and I worked together through several different roles at Pluck/Demand Media. Glen is thorough and creative, and brings a sense of service to the customers he interacts with, the products that he manages, and the team that he collaborates with.
Jason Crickmer
Glen is an innovative and proven product leader. He was instrumental in helping further define customer requirements and best identify effective solutions to fit the business needs of each using the Demand Media/Pluck platform. In addition, Glen has an impressive understanding of the software development space, combined with great interpersonal and technical skills (read: geek!). Glen was a valuable asset to the Customer Success team in both helping with unique product requests, as well as effectively integrating feedback into future product releases.
Trina Pirtle
The science kit photo (I had this exact model as a kid!) is by Jeff Keyzer (Flickr), and used under CC BY SA 2.0.